So many shoes - all eBay finds. Thrifting for dress shoes in my size(8.5) while thrift store shopping is pretty difficult for me. Did find a pair of Nordstom’s made in Italy light brown/tan suede wing tips in my size. Will post a picture next


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List of things that I’ve gotten from the thrift store w/ pics & prices (as of 02/2011)

Here is a list of things that I’ve purchased(that I currently have as of 02/2011) from the thrift store along with some pictures:

Dewalt 12v drill w/ 2 batteries $15 - this came in a huge box with other dewalt tools - 18v hammer drill{no battery but tested and does work}, 2-14v batteries{SOLD})

Dewalt case to hold the 12v drill - $3

Yankee Push Drill (very cool classic tool) - $3

Hand Brace Tool - $3

Vintage Military Footlocker(all the above tools are placed on top of this) - $20

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Klipsch 2.1 computer surround system - $18(had to replace the volume control module with one from eBay)

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Nalgene, Camelbak, and Sigg water bottles -various sizes including an awesome 2L 

Logitech Cordless Trackman Wheel - $6

3 LCD TV/Monitor mounting brackets - $6 each (2 of them I’m using now with my 19in Samsung LCDs)

Numerous French Presses(Broke 3 of them but I currently have two that have held up well - a tiny Yellow Bodum that I use as a backup and Ikea brand with Pyrex Glass) - $0.50 -$3

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Thule Bike Carrier for top of car(haven’t used it yet) - $6

5.5’ tall clothes drying rack (at my house we air dry our clothes and then put them in the drying for about 10min. to get the wrinkles out. We save some $ on electricity)- $8

4’ long Apple Ipod charger - with both Firewire & USB end - $1

2 - 5 gallon water jugs -$1-$2

Plastic Milk Crate - $1

Wustof Kitchen Knife Set w/ Block - $8

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4 C Claps - USA Made - $5 for the bag of them

Stanley Bostitch Stapler - $1

Pair of Oakley Snowboarding/Ski goggles(pretty much new) - $2

Rules/Guidelines for Thrift Shopping

Over the years I’ve developed a set of rules/guidlines for Thrift Store Shopping:

1. Bring Hand Sanitizer and use it whenever you feel that you touch something dirty or “unclean/unsanitary”. (I usually rub some on once I get back in my car.)

2. Be knowledgeable of brand names of things that you are interested in getting or looking for

3. Know when the sales are (at Goodwill they provide a calender to shoppers of when their sales are)

4. Be careful looking through tools/hardware areas so that you don’t get poked or scratched

5. Study the layout of the store and have a routine of what areas to check

6. Be careful of any clothes that you try on(especially wool sweaters & felt-lined coats). Some of the clothes donated can become “infected” or “contaminated” with little bugs. If you start to feel itchy after trying on clothes - take a shower and wash all the clothes that you were wearing that day. This has already happened to me twice.

7. Be courteous and friendly with the staff that work at the thrift store.

8. Know each store’s return policy. Some stores allow you to return/exchange clothing and other certain items within 7 days(Goodwill, Deseret Industries)

9. Be careful in thrifting for electronics/electric tools. Make sure you test them out at the store. (Bought a Ryobi 18v multiple tool set w/case for $100 but didnt know until later that the batteries were dead. Sold on Craigslist for $75 - I’m still out $25)

*I will try and update this list as I think of new rules/guidelines or if I remember any that weren’t included.


A bio about me & thrift store shopping

Hi, My name is Abraham and I’ve been an avid thrift store shopper for about 7 years now. When my family first emigrated here from the Philippines over 20 years ago, we didn’t have a lot of money for clothes so going to the thrift store was an affordable place to get clothes for us. Other than clothes, one of the first things that I remember getting from the thrift store was a big wheel tricycle(black & yellow color) with a handbrake on the right side - later on it disappeared, probably stolen by a jealous neighbor kid.

It wasn’t until many years later in my early twenties that I went thrift store shopping for things that I wanted. At the time, I was hanging out with some gaming/computer geek friends and they wanted to start a vintage/old school video game store. So along with eBay, we went around the local thrift stores buying up their NES’, SNES’, N64s, Gamecubes, Sega Genisis 1,2,3 consoles and games. Through this experience I learned about my local thrift stores and pawn shops, how to look through their inventory, and what are good prices.

Today, I don’t go thrifting to buy old video game consoles but more for things that I would find useful or things that I need. Inspired by an ongoing thread about thrift store finds on the StyleForum, I’ve been looking to “grow up”/expand my current wardrobe with good quality items that I could possibly find at the thrift store but having a hard time at it because of my size. Also, I look for shop tools, computer electronics/peripherals, storage containers and other items that are interesting. The majority of the things that I find, I use and some items I’ll try to sell on eBay.

For me, thrift store shopping is about the hunt and the excitement that I get when I find something good at a good price.